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Modula automated storage systems can make up for labour shortages in the logistics world, in fact they solve many of the problems that cause them. In particular, according to ManpowerGroup’s MEOS Global Report, 75% of companies in the sector struggle to find qualified personnel for vacant positions.

This figure, which is very clear in itself, becomes even more significant when compared to that of the previous year, when it was 69%. We can conclude that:

  1. The shortage of skilled labour for the sector is an irreversible trend that logistics companies and supply chain companies, in general, have to deal with in order to remain competitive and efficient.
  2. Demand for labour in the sector tends to increase, mainly due to the growth of online trade.

On the other hand, working in warehouse logistics is still perceived as a strenuous, dangerous and repetitive job, and is therefore unattractive to the younger generations who are hardly interested in it and therefore do not acquire the necessary skills.

A storage automation system is undoubtedly one of the solutions capable of meeting these two needs:

  • increase staff satisfaction and consequently the attractiveness of the sector
  • mitigate the effects of labour shortages.

Let’s take a look at how Modula’s products – automated storage systems, picking solutions and robotic applications – help mitigate the negative effects of labour shortages in the supply chain and logistics sector.

Modula storage system

Improved warehouse logistics management thanks to Modula’s Warehouse Management System

Companies can limit their labour requirements by deploying their current workforce more rationally while optimizing processes, procedures and the time spent on each operation. This can be done with the support of warehouse management software. Modula’s Warehouse Management System allows efficient, real-time management of the warehouse and offers numerous other advantages, since:

  • It is quick and easy to set up, all you need is a PC
  • It can be used with both traditional warehouses and automated storage systems
  • It integrates seamlessly with ERP, DMS, MRP and other business systems, enabling the exchange of accurate and timely information
  • The interface is simple and intuitive and does not require specialized skills in addition to being easy to learn
  • The system streamlines the operators’ procedures and movements, making their work smoother.

Modula WMS can be adapted to the needs and complexity of your warehouse, integrated gradually and interfaced with more complex management software. Although it can be used as a stand-alone management software for manual storage systems, Modula WMS is designed to give its best when used with Modula automated storage systems.

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Modula automated storage systems make work easier

Skilled labour accounts for the largest share of personnel that is difficult to find in the logistics and supply chain sector. As already mentioned, this is also due to the fact that working in logistics is currently considered tiring and not particularly attractive.

Modula automated storage systems can solve both problems. Investing in Modula products means making your warehouse not only more efficient from an operational point of view but also simpler and more intuitive in the execution of tasks for non-specialized personnel. What are the technologies and solutions adopted to this end?

  • Modula WMS management software, which, as explained above, used with Modula automated storage systems constitutes an all-in-one automation solution.
  • Visual aids such as the Put to Light, which makes it possible to quickly identify which and how many articles must be picked and placed in the Picking Station containers. Accuracy reaches 99%.
  • Automated storage thanks to the Modula automatic vertical storage systems and Modula automatic horizontal storage systems which, conveniently managed from a PC via the Modula WMS, locate the product and transport it automatically to the picking bay, where the operator can pick it up before placing it in the Picking Cart.
  • Robotic applications, such as AMRs and anthropomorphic robots, which can be seamlessly integrated in the Modula automated storage system for moving and handling heavy materials and used in high-density or large warehouses.

With Modula’s automatic storage systems, logistics workers can be autonomous from day one, thus feeling that their job is of greater value and less stressful as the most tiring and monotonous tasks are eliminated. In fact, according to the Edelman Report, 81% of employees consider it important to improve their skills, and a company that offers the opportunity to do so has lower levels of employee turnover and greater employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Space optimization thanks to Modula automatic vertical storage systems

With the growth of e-commerce, warehouse logistics operators need more and more storage space. More space means that more manpower is needed but also that warehouse operators have to cover several kilometres per day to pick items from the shelves, an activity that is also time-consuming.

Modula automatic vertical storage systems make it possible to:

  1. Gain space, as they develop vertically, thus making the most of the storage area.
    The configuration of Modula Lift, which can reach up to 16 m in height, can be customized according to the needs of the warehouse in which it is installed. Inside, the trays containing the items, which are stored following dynamic loading height management principles to optimise empty spaces, are moved by a lift and transported to the picking bay. This means that the operator has to move much less, since using space vertically saves up to 90% of the footprint.
  2. Save time, thanks to the goods-to-man logic and integration with picking solutions
    that allow the operators to prepare the items for shipment without wasting time. The Copilot console can save additional time, allowing the operators to walk even less, as it can be moved along the bay and thus always be at hand for task confirmation.
  3. Improve process efficiency by automating the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
    A routine task performed manually can lead to stress, fatigue and a higher error rate, whereas when it is automated the operator can focus on more strategic and management-related tasks.
    The companies that choose a Modula automated vertical storage system need fewer personnel, can count on more satisfied operators, and in addition save costs thanks to the optimization of storage space.

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5 ways in which Modula automated storage systems make up for labour shortages

In conclusion, we can say that a Modula automated storage system compensates for the shortage of skilled labour in the following ways:

  1. No specialized personnel are needed. Thanks to the simple and intuitive colour graphic interface of Modula WMS, even unskilled workers can immediately use the Modula storage systems autonomously.
  2. Operators working with a Modula automatic storage system are faster, less stressed by routine operations and make fewer mistakes, thanks to picking solutions, automated storage and the integration of AMRs. This results in more efficient warehouse logistics with less demand for labour, because the risk of reverse logistics is also reduced.
  3. Turnover is reduced due to lower health and safety risks and the automation of strenuous tasks.
  4. More picking cycles can be performed by the same number of operators.
  5. The perceived value of work in the logistics and supply chain sector increases, with greater employee satisfaction.

If your company is experiencing the problem of labour shortages, Modula’s automatic storage systems can be the solution you are looking for.

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